Microblading – the ‘king-pin’ of the brow world…

brows 1 brows 2

Microblading has fast become a world-wide phenomenon with people from all walks of life taking to this new must-have treatment.

From Celebrities to twenty-somethings to the older generations, it seems there is a calling to all for Microblading. The younger ones will do anything to get that perfect selfie, and that includes having the perfect brows! The more senior client can use this procedure to infill sparse, barely there brows, as a result of then fashionable over plucking in the 60’s!

Microblading inserts individual hair flicks to create natural looking eyebrows. Now available at The Belmore Centre, call 01296 612361 to book.


Sun dried, dehydrated,cracked skin? Book in for a Clarins Body Polish!

Whilst the sunshine brings many benefits for the skin, it can also leave it dry, dehydrated and in need of a little TLC. When summer draws to a close and we enter Autumn it’s a good idea to bring your skin back to its best ready to endure the bitter cold months ahead!

A Clarins Body Polish is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. It is like a facial for the body! The skin is buffed, polished and exfoliated with a revitalising body scrub to remove all dead skin cells. Then a rich Clarins moisturiser is massaged into the whole body to revive and nourish, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.


It’s a good idea to book in advance so call the Belmore Centre today on 01296 612361.

Bank Holiday Beauty!


The sunshine has arrived and the bank holiday weekend is just a few days away – here are a few simple treatments you can book in for to make the most of the glorious weekend ahead!

Waxing – The essential for any good weather, be hair free and care free!

Manicures and Hand Treatments – A must have to ensure beautiful nails and silky smooth hands!

Ear Piercing – Been thinking about getting your ears pierced? What better time to do so than now!

St Tropez Spray Tan – We haven’t seen much sunshine of late, why not have a cheeky bit of help with as fabulous St Tropez Tan to ensure you are golden and gorgeous!

Express Facial – Kick start as you mean to go on and spoil your skin with this 30 minute express facial to really boost your skins natural beauty and leave you looking and feeling fresh ready for the weekend!

For further information or to book please call The Belmore Centre on 01296 612361

Make it all about the Eyes…

Be striking this summer and make your eyes stand out from the rest! We have a variety of treatments for the eyes at The Belmore Centre, but these two are most definitely our top picks!

HD Brows
The ultimate eyebrow styling experience is here! High-definition brow shaping is now within your reach: HD Brows take eyebrow styling to a whole new level with a proven, high quality design formula for personalised couture brows. Your HD Brows Stylist’s artistic skill and expertise will help you achieve the glamorous, beautiful brows you deserve. A patch test is required 24-48 hours before the treatment, if you have not had the treatment with us previously. 45 minutes – £25

LVL Lashes
Get longer looking lashes without the need for eyelash extensions! LVL lashes will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes, resulting in a stunning wide-eyed look! A completely natural, low maintenance treatment which takes 90 minutes and lasts for up to six weeks. A patch test is required 24-48 hours before the treatment, if you have not had the treatment with us previously. 1 Hour – £45

Female eye with black long eyelashesHD Brows


Barefoot SOS – for sensitive, dry skins

Untitled-1 copy

The Barefoot SOS range is formulated specifically for dry, irritated and sensitive skin types. It’s unique formula is used to help combat conditions such as dry skin, eczema and even psoriasis.

The range includes a daily body lotion and cream, a body and face wash as well as a dry scalp treatment shampoo and conditioner.

Suitable for all skin types this range is used by thousands each year to improve and maintain their overall skin condition, texture and suppleness.

If you would like to find out further information on the Barefoot SOS range or would like to purchase some products please call the centre on 01296 612361 or drop by and our friendly reception team will be more happy to help you.

The Belmore Centre




Showcase your Shellac in the SUNSHINE!

The sun….is here! At last we can all grab our SPF’s, put on our hats and head outside!

A biblical beauty essential are the nails. Make sure your nails are beautifully perfect with no chips and a glossy shine, lasting you at least two weeks!

Take a look at just a handful of the gorgeous eye catching array of colours on offer here at the Belmore Centre with Shellac Nails:

sparks fly
‘Sparks Fly’ with this beautiful glitzy pink!
        elec orange

 Be electric with ‘Electric Orange’
glacial mist

Keep it cool with the shimmering ‘Glacial Mist’   

                   sultry sunset
There is nothing like a bit of ‘Sultry Sunset’
H to Tch
Be loud and be proud with ‘Hotski to Tchotchke’

        desert poppy                                  
 Look gorgeous in pastel with ‘Desert Poppy’

Don’t forget to book for both Shellac Manicure AND Pedicure, it’s a beauty sin to not have matching hands and feet any time of year, but especially throughout summer!

Embrace the sunshine and showcase your beauty with stunning Shellac nails, available at

The Belmore Centre – 01296 612361


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St Tropez your way to tanning perfection this summer!

St Tropez 6

Is summer coming?…. Who knows!

It looks like this year we may need a little help getting that beach body glow ready for all our ‘summer’ shenanigans!

We want to wear the dresses, we want to show off in shorts and we want to hit the beaches in our fabulous bikinis! But we want to do all this with beautifully tanned skin….

If the sun fails to stick around long enough for us to get that rich healthy glow then you may want to consider a St Tropez tan.

St Tropez tanning is available as an application tan or a spray tan. With the St Tropez application tan you will receive a full body exfoliation before the tan application which will develop over a 7-8 hour period. If you opt for the St Tropez spray tan this is a fast and easy way to be beautifully brown within hours! This top-to-toe tan will develop over 8 hours and we recommend you exfoliate the night prior to your spray tan appointment.

If you would like to book in for your St Tropez tan and get that golden riviera colour then please call us on 01296 612361. We are open to 9pm on weekdays as well as Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

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Autumn Delights – PUMPKIN Peel Special Offer


Why not treat yourself this Autumn to a Pumpkin Peel; this amazing skin peel is perfect to refresh, refine and revitalise your skin after the summer.

The pumpkin peel uses pumpkin pulp which is naturally rich in beta carotene and active enzymes which stimulate tired skin and boosts its natural defences.The pumpkin peel is what we call our entry level peel as it can be performed by our cosmetic technicians.

This treatment would not be suitable on sensitive skins, rosacea or active acne.

Throughout October only, we are offering the Pumpkin Peel to you at the reduced rate of £45, instead of £57. Come and see for yourself how your skin can be improved when all those dead skin cells are removed!

Call the Belmore Centre on 01296 612361 or email enquiries@belmorecentre.co.uk

JOB OFFER: Receptionist at The Belmore Centre

Must be available evenings and weekends. 18 hours per week minimum. Computer literate and excellent communication skills. Must be able to work as part of a team and have experience in a customer service based role. An interest in the Health and Beauty industry is desirable. Must be available to start after Easter. Deadline for application: 09/03/15.

If you meet the above criteria please send your CV to: enquiries@belmorecentre.co.uk

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Hair Removal – Your Options

Hair Blog

We all have body hair which keeps us warm in winter but can look unsightly in Summer!

Over the years I have noticed a variation in hair removal across different cultures and countries.

When I started working in the Beauty Industry 36 years ago, I remember my father commenting at a family wedding with German relatives how you would never get rich offering waxing services in Europe as under-arm bikini and leg hair are culturally acceptable there.

Things have changed slightly over the years but the UK is still number one for hair removal. So from razors, depilatory creams to waxing and now of course laser hair removal a lot of money is spent on professional treatments to give a smooth hair-free look.

In the last few years it has become more common place for men to have waxing treatments too. At the Belmore Centre we often have requests for chest and back waxing and even intimate waxing. Some men choose to have laser to address the problem more permanently. Unfortunately this has to be done during the winter months as laser treatments cannot be performed within 4 weeks of exposing your skin to the sun.

Not only do fashions change in the type of wax used – hot wax is making a comeback- but it can be hard to keep up with the names of all the different procedures. This is not surprising really, as there are a variety of interesting and varied types to choose from, especially with the bikini wax.

Here are a few to keep you up-to-date with the trends:

Regular or American Wax

A regular wax is for people who want to remove all the hair that could potentially protrude from their swimming costume! This is great for women who just want a quick tidy-up, for those planning a beach holiday or those who want to get their legs and underarms waxed at the same time. Some men, especially those who like Speedo-type swimming costumes, also opt for regular waxing.

Brazilian Wax

The infamous Brazilian wax reportedly got its name from a group of sisters from Brazil who took the treatment over to the US. It has been made popular worldwide thanks to Samantha in Sex and the City, who opted for one having found one grey hair too many…! It is accomplished by removing hair from the front, back and all bits in between, leaving the client a smooth, peach-like area in its place. Usually a small strip of hair is left in the middle, cleverly dubbed a “landing strip”.

Hollywood wax

This is not for the faint hearted as it includes removing the hair from the whole pubic area. Having a bikini wax is not particularly pleasant. But it shouldn’t be all that unpleasant either. The more experience a waxer has, the faster the procedure will be, which means less pain and discomfort for you. If you have an unusually low pain threshold some people take paracetamol or ibuprofen 15 minutes before their visit, to make things a bit easier on themselves. If you are prone to either red bumps or ingrown hairs maybe now is the time to look into laser hair removal as this will minimise the problem.

As one gets older facial hair can become a problem. The most common way to tackle this is electrolysis, waxing or laser. The only problem with laser hair removal is that it only works on dark hair, so if the hair has lost its pigment and turned grey this method is not for you.

I think we all fear ending our days sitting in an old people’s home with a beard! So think about how you can get this problem under control now. Hormones as well as stress can effect hair growth on the face but try to avoid plucking as this makes it worse.

Don’t wait until your summer holiday to be embarrassed by unsightly hair – seek help now!